I am a Predator and this is what I stand for. The Predators protect their Ecosystem and keep the Circle of Life in balance. The lions make sure that all animals in their Ecosystem stay alive. If they go extinct there will be no life.

From the tiny ant, the grass, the antelope, the wildebeest, the zebra, the elephant, they all understand their purpose and the lions protect them. The lion population has decreased by 93% in the last century. Poaching, human conflict, loss of prey and land and trophy hunting are their biggest threat. Who will protect the lions from humans?

Those who love the smallest ant, the green grass to the big elephant, those who feel Connected with everything that lives, those who give rather than take - those will protect them. They are called Predators, the Protectors of the Ecosystem.

This month, August 10th, it's World Lion Day, lets hit the like button and send the lions some Love! Lets buy a Predator today and lets cheers and give them your best ROAR!