Predator is the Caretaker of your health, wealth and wellbeing. The Protector of the Ecosystem, a harmonieus system in perfect balance. This is the voice that needs to be heard, this is a message for you. 

I am Predator
I am a Changemaker
I am the Protector of the Ecosystem
What do I do?
I drink my water in my home to survive
I love to be in my home, the Rainforest
Then I feel at my best
Do you feel love when you see me?
Then drink me everyday,
because I can't see you, 
if your feel I am a prey..
What is going on with you?
Because I am your Love, your deepest desire to stay alive.
Why can't you see that you are killing me?
I am your Love and your survival depends on me
I am your Rainforest, deepest seas, loving animals and beautiful trees
If I go extinct, there will be no me!
Please, I have this message, read me
I am Predator and I love me
Please save me, drink me, love me, protect me!

- Predator, the Protector of the Ecosystem

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